Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Netcast 55: Debunking Myths of ObamaCare; Jeff & Erik Return

Netcast 55: Debunking ObamaCare Myths; Erik & Jeff Return!

RFL Netcast 055

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Stories from the road: Jeff and Erik share inspiring tour stories

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RH Reality Check Calls Judie Brown the "grandmother of the modern anti-choice movement" and lists ALL as top “anti-choice” crusader for personhood!

University of Louisville Pro-Life Student Group Wants Rick Pitino Dismissed

Choice Cuts

"While the anti-choice movement is motivated primarily by a desire to control sex and stomp out women’s liberation, they realize that this position isn’t going to fly over well with a public that enjoys sex and households that rely on female income. That’s why they came up with The Almighty Fetus as a way to spin it."
-Amanda Marcotte, RH Reality Check "Birthers and Anti-Choicers: One and the same"

"...I don't think there is any one right age, right time, or right kind of relationship for everyone when it comes to what makes sex right or best. That varies from person-to-person a lot, and isn't usually based on something as simple as only how old we are."
-RH Reality Check, Heather Corinna, Scarleteen

"When I counseled a Hindu woman who...wanted the abortion because...the fetus...was feminism and pro-choice philosophies collided violently... But...ultimately, women do and should have the right to make what may be to others the wrong choice."
-"Selecting the Same Sex," Merle Hoffman, On the Issues Magazine

Just because something is legal -- and should be legal -- does not mean it is always ethical."

-Frances Kissling (formerly of Catholics for Choice)

"The key thing is we don't want abortion to enter this debate and sabotage health care reform. Neither side should try to win political gains on abortion during the health care debate."

-Rev. Jim Wallis
, Sojourners

FEATURE: Debunking the myths of Obamacare

Listen to Erik, Jeff and Kortney discuss:
-"But we already pay for abortions."
-"Christians should support Obamacare because it's helping the poor."
-"Why are you against reform?"

Listen now!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Rock for Life Calls on Christians to Unite in Opposition to Obamacare

Obamacare is creating discord within the ranks of Christian social justice organizations, which are sponsoring competing advertisements and campaigns.

Rock for Life, American Life League’s youth outreach, called on all Christians Thursday to unite in condemning President Obama’s health care “reform” plan, which would mandate abortion coverage, among other evils.

The call is in response to an ad just released by the leftist Faithful America organization in support of the Obamacare. The ad was cosponsored by other leftist groups, including PICO National Network, Sojourners and the misnamed Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. It features a number of “people of faith” calling on Congress to support Obamacare.

The ad counters American Life League and Family Research Council’s public opposition to the Obama plan, which would mandate tax-subsidized abortion, euthanasia and health care rationing.

Faithful America’s ad is part of the “40 Days for Health Reform” campaign, which, like the ad, is sponsored by a coalition of hard-core left-wing groups operating as religious organizations.

Kortney Blythe, Rock for Life’s chapter and street team coordinator, commented, “I find the fact that Faithful America co-opted the name of a pro-life campaign, ‘40 Days for Life,’ and replaced ‘life’ with ‘health reform’ reveals its true intentions. A more appropriate title for its campaign would be ‘40 Days for Death.’”

Faithful America’s web site claims, “The health reform proposals currently before Congress will ease the burden on us all, from middle class families to those most in need.”

Blythe disagrees: “The health care ‘reform’ proposal will not ease the burden of all. In fact, it will target those most in need of protection – the preborn, the elderly, the seriously ill and the disabled – by determining whether their ‘quality of life’ is worth sustaining.”

In the 30-second Faithful America ad, a handful of clergy and lay people supposedly representing various Protestant traditions and the Catholic Church, tout their support for Obama’s health care plan. The Rev. Stevie Wakes, of Olivet Institutional Baptist Church in Kansas City, Kansas, tells viewers, “God has given us a spirit not of fear, but of love and action.”

“Shouldn’t this love extend to all persons, regardless of their status, age or condition?” Blythe responded. “And shouldn’t our actions defend the cause of the widow and the fatherless? No amount of misusing Scripture will change the facts about the evils included in H.R. 3200.”

The ad ends with the Rev. John Hay of Indianapolis, Indiana declaring, “Millions of people of faith are supporting health insurance reform.”

Blythe set the record straight: “Yes, my generation of young people supports reform, but not at the expense of human lives, particularly those of babies in the womb or the elderly. We will applaud changes to health care that safeguard the lives of all – both born and preborn."

Friday, August 7, 2009

Abortion on TV: Reflection of Cultural Shift?

Television not only mirrors a society, but can also shape it. Could how abortion is portrayed reflect the changing views of abortion in our culture? When Fox TV network announced they would be censoring a Family Guy episode dubbed “the abortion episode,” the abortion advocates came out in force.

Amanda Marcotte of RH Reality Check (a radically anti-life website) called Fox’s move “systemic sexism,” part of a trend to “write [abortion] off as fringe” and “taboo.”
Another RH Reality Check blogger, Sarah Seltzer, complained, “The lack of abortion jokes creates this hyped-up atmosphere of tragedy and controversy around something that is quite common and needs to be discussed more.”

Pro-abortion activists like to legitimize child-killing using numbers. Since so many women procure abortions —1.2 million per year—it must be right. Basically, a “might makes right” mentality. Marcotte points out there are 694,000 open heart surgeries, 600,000 hysterectomies and 193,000 hip replacements, making abortion the most common procedure. Those other surgeries are shown on medical TV shows and talked about in passing conversations without hesitation.

Why is abortion still a sensitive subject despite its frequency? Why is there an “atmosphere of tragedy” surrounding abortion? The answer is quite obvious, if one is willing to take off the “pro-choice” blinders. Abortion leaves women hurting, regretful and sorrow-filled when they realize that they allowed someone to end the life of their child. Much to the dismay of abortion “rights” groups, most TV shows reflect this reality.

A new ABC show, Defying Gravity, is about astronauts in 2052. In it, abortion is criminalized. Within the first two episodes, a character who gets an illegal abortion hears babies crying everywhere she goes.

Similarly, on the show Six Feet Under, Claire visits a lifeless, cold abortion clinic. TV reviewers and commentators described the scene as “a slaughterhouse” or “a cattle-call.” After the abortion, Claire has a breakdown, and the thought of babysitting her infant niece makes her nauseous. Later, she dreams of heaven and sees her aborted daughter there.

Abortion advocates hate these depictions. Yes, they want abortion on TV. But they want it portrayed as quick and easy, devoid of long-lasting consequences.
Pro-abortion radicals would like nothing more than pop media renditions of obnoxiously rebellious, promiscuous women having carefree abortions with no lasting repercussions. They want abortion treated like any other outpatient operation. No big deal. That’s not gonna happen. Why? It’s not authentic. “The longer legalized abortion is with us, the more stigmatized it becomes, as reflected even in liberally-made movies and television…There is increasing evidence to [people] on the street that abortion kills children, and that aborting mothers do hear crying babies, have mental breakdowns, and suffer infertility,” explains pro-life blogger, Jill Stanek.

When TV shows deal with unexpected pregnancies, more of them are showing happy women and men of all ages embracing parenthood or choosing adoption.
Abortion promoters hate this, too. What about their own hijacked use of the word “choice” don’t they understand? Why are they angered when a person, fictional or not, chooses not to abort. I thought they were supposed to be pro-multiple-choices? MTV’s show 16 and Pregnant displeases them because all the girls choose parenthood instead of “barrenhood.”

On an episode of One Tree Hill, a pregnant Peyton freaks out at the prospect of abortion, yelling, “It’s not an ‘it.’ This is our baby. You saw its heartbeat. You saw its little tiny fingers and its toes.” At this, an abortion supporter wrote, “[The characters] couldn’t get past…the anti-choice rhetoric of the unborn child’s potential and cute little arms and legs.” Let me get this straight, you want them to get past the “rhetoric” of their child’s body parts in order to dismember their baby instead? Is that what you’re insinuating?

Another pet peeve of the pro-aborts is how caring for one’s child is always viewed as the “right thing” to do and results in a happy ending. For instance, The O.C. was deemed “conservative” on abortion because the show’s website said a teen father, “did the right thing and moved back to Chino to help raise [his baby].” One anti-life blogger responded, “Since when is dropping out of high school to work construction and raise a child while you are still basically a child yourself considered doing the right thing for anyone?” To which I ask: is the “right” alternative your choice? The abortion choice?

Why am I spending time discussing abortion on TV? Media impacts culture, specifically the culture of young people. Kids spend an average of four hours per day glued to the tube. The messages they hear blared from the screen stick with them longer than a lecture or a presentation. Although it seems strange that Hollywood could contribute anything good, the honesty with which they tackle the complex and devastating issue of abortion may just help the pro-life movement in our battle against “the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Ephesians 6:12)